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Prayer Answered, God is Looking for Out Hearts by Immaculee Ilibagiza


Prayer Answered -God is Looking for Our Hearts

Dear friends, 

I just came from a great trip to Medjugorje with more than 45 pilgrims. I loved everyone and every moment we spent together. On these trips, I meet the nicest people in the world. People who are seeking God are the best to be around. At the end of the pilgrimage, we are a family and it is really hard to say goodbye.

Among many, I wanted to share a story I heard while I was there that touched my heart. Some years ago, a family from Italy came to Medjugorje with their only son who was in a deep coma. They were desperate and they were losing everything trying to save him. A friend arranged a meeting with the visionary Vicka. They were not a family that prayed much, but for their child, they came to Medjugorje. When they met Vicka, the father asked her to please ask Our Lady to heal their son, and to tell her that they were willing to give anything, how much money Our Lady would want. Vicka received the desperate message kindly and later she got an answer from Our Lady in these words, “I am not looking for their money, I am looking for their prayers, their hearts and their lives. I am asking them to get closer to ME and to my SON.” the next day the son came out of the coma and started to walk. The family has never been the same since then, they now come to Medjugorje often and prayer comes first in their lives and family. 

When I heard the story, I thought it concerned every one of us, God is looking for our hearts, and when we are good with Him, we find peace in our troubles. Through the years in my own life and faith journey, I realized that when my heart is clean and close to God, my prayers are quickly answered, clarity is given or grace of acceptance is given. Whenever I need God’s intervention, I go to confession, I forgive everyone and do acts of kindness more, I take more time to read the bible and spend time with God and my heart always find rest and consolation whatever answer is. I encourage you to do the same. 

God bless you, 

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