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Love of Neighbor


Love of Neighbor

Dear friends,

The other day I had a retreat and I asked people to share their experiences with God and Our Lady in their lives. We heard many inspiring stories how God and Our Lady are really working in people’s lives. 

One beautiful couple stood up together and gave us a testimony that touched our hearts. If I remember well, this is what they told us. They said that, they had a friend in another country, who got really sick and no medicine could help. He was in terrible pain all day, and he could hardly eat. The doctors he could afford to see, have given up and told him to wait for death.

This couple in USA, tried to get him to come to America but he couldn’t find a visa to come. All they could do was to pray for him. In their desperation to help him, they went to Lourdes and got some water from the Miraculous Spring of Our Lady, and they mailed it to him and asked his family to give him to drink or just wash himself with. They were able to put the water on a cloth and wet his lips with the Holy Water of Lourdes everyday with a prayer.

Few months later, their friend was healed completely, and to this day, no more pain, and his faith is on fire. God’s power works in mysterious ways, the same way God uses doctors, the same way He can use Holy Water. What touched me most was the faithfulness of this couple that so much wanted to help their friend, and I think God responded to their love.

If you are in a situation where you are tempted to give up on your Faith, on God, or Hope, please hold on and continue to trust in God's infinite Love for you and in His Power. I will be going to Lourdes in 2 days, I promise you my prayers. Those who gave me letters, I will present them to Our Lady as promised. Join your prayers with ours, be on this pilgrimage with us spiritually, say your rosary daily, and attend mass daily, we will be with you too.

Rooting for you,
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