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STUDENT SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM Having worked so closely with the students of the Mère du Verbe school in Kibeho, and more recently the students at the College of Immaculée Conception in Save, Rwanda, we have started a successful student sponsorship program where people can sponsor a student for their education either at Mère du Verbe school, at a university or the seminary. Many students in Rwanda are very bright and want to further their education but have families who are unable to pay their school fees and ultimately they never have the opportunity to better their lives.
  By sponsoring a student for just $1000 per year, (which can be divided into three installments) that student will then eat properly for an entire year, have a school uniform and receive the necessary books and school supplies they will need to learn properly.  You will be sent your specific child's profile and can stay in touch with them throughout their journey if you choose.  We will also joyfully accept any amount you can afford and will apply it to your specific request.

Also, I am helping with other very special projects:
1.) BUILD A MINOR-SEMINARY for about a 1000 kids in Kibeho, Diocese of Gikongoro. I realized that it is not easy to ask for donations; however, I don't want to refuse the blessings of those who will feel the call to help, and those who will receive it. I am especially encouraged by the fact that the thousands of young men who will go to that school will serve Christ in the future.
My two brothers went to a minor-seminary in high school, they give impeccable education in every way, morally, spiritually and academically. I wished every man would pass through a minor-seminary before getting married.
2.) BENEBIKIRA SISTERS CONVENTS for the only original order of Rwandan sisters.
These special order of nuns are all teachers holding masters degrees and help educate the most needy children in the country. One of the convents is a turn of the century building and is serious disrepair. Please watch the video that shows the conditions. We will be starting this project in the Spring of 2023, and will be updating the work on this website.  There is another convent in Rwanda of the same order that is being moved out of their home and needs a totally new building. Anything you can do to help God will bless you tenfold.  God Bless you.

University and seminary is also a privilege for only a few students in Rwanda. With donations earmarked for "convent" "seminary" or "university," we can help form the priests and religious for tomorrow's church and university students who can better their own future and that of their families by helping to support them.

All donations are tax-deductible, and we will send you a letter.

God bless you, Immaculee.


To donate by mailing a check:

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Phone: 1-917-519-7408



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PS: If you have any questions about the school or how you can help, please send us a message at the form below or at or call (917) 519-7408. We will respond as soon as possible.