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Immaculée's Charities 


BISHOP OF KIBHEO FUND  Bishop Celestine, who is in charge of the Shrine of Our Lady of Kibeho where Our Lady appeared, is responsible for so many operating expenses in and around the workings of the highly visited and Holy Shrine in Kibeho.  He has many needs and your small donations will help him cover the many burdens he is responsible for.  Because the site is most often visited by locals, their collections are very tiny compared to what their needs are. Our Lady said she came for the whole world, and after the Basilica is finished, we know the whole world will start to come there, just as they do in Mexico City.  But for now, HE NEEDS OUR HELP!!

Please consider helping this new emergency fund that we just started upon his visit to the U.S. in February 2024. Please specify "Bishop of Kibeho" on your check or if you pay online, please email and let us know what your donation is intended for.

MEDICAL SHIPMENT In February of 2024, Immaculee has procured a 42-foot shipping container of medical equipment and supplies (valued at $700,000) delivered to Rwanda. It’s currently waiting for the necessary funds to cover the remaining import expenses.  It has arrived into Rwanda, but has some additional tariffs and inner shipping fees involved. We are in needs of several thousand dollars to clear this container. If you would like to help, please reference “medical supplies” in your check or 

STUDENT SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM Having worked so closely with the students of the Mère du Verbe school in Kibeho, and more recently the students at the College of Immaculée Conception in Save, Rwanda, we have started a successful student sponsorship program where people can sponsor a student for their education either at Mère du Verbe school, at a university or the seminary. Many students in Rwanda are very bright and want to further their education but have families who are unable to pay their school fees and ultimately they never have the opportunity to better their lives.
  By sponsoring a student for just $500-2000 per year based on elementary, high school or collegiate, that student will then eat properly for an entire year, have a school uniform and receive the necessary books and school supplies they will need to learn properly.  You will be sent your specific child's profile and can stay in touch with them throughout their journey if you choose.  We will also joyfully accept any amount you can afford and will apply it to your specific request.

Please click on the PDF Above to see all of my projects!

Please kindly click on the DONATE button below with PayPal or a credit card, if you do so, simply email and let us know where you would like your donation to go.

If you would prefer to mail a CHECK:

Please make it out to Immaculee Charities In the memo section, please specify in the notation what you would like your funds to go towards.  "convent", "Bishop of Kibeho", "medical supplies", "school fees", Retreat House Building Fund" etc.

All donations are tax-deductible, and we will send you a letter.

God bless you, Immaculee.


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PS: If you have any questions about any of Immaculee's current charities, please download the PDF by clicking on the picture just above. Or how you can help, please send us a message at the form below or at or call (985) 710-9595. We will respond as soon as possible.