Comments on Past Retreats

“It has been amazing. Keep doing what you are doing. You are reaching to many people.this retreat strengthened my belief in Eucharist.” 

“This weekend is life changing for me to feel  so close to Mary and Jesus. To know how much they love me and to know all of my burdens I carry-helps me to carry them with joy. Thank you so very much.”

“I was touched by love and peace. Mostly about the Blessed Mother. Mary came into my life, I loved hearing about her. My son was dying and she comforted me. Her son and mine were both 33.”

“The retreat has touched me in many different ways - forgiveness, hope, repentance, miracles and the love of Our Father and Blessed Mother. But the biggest, most powerful impact Immaculee has had on me was to introduce me to Our Mother Mary in a way I have never known her before. I have been catholic all my life. I am 41 and this is the first time  I feel a connection and a relationship with Our Lady Mother. Thank you Immaculee. I feel the healing begin. K.C.”

"I have a new desire to forgive my grandson (18yrs) for his outlook on life right now. I pray to Mary to help me support him instead of putting him down and I trust that God will change his attitude in due time."

“God knew what I needed. I grew up panic and anxiety leaving me house bound at 11 years old. For whatever reason, I dreamed of going to Africa in the peace corporation. Those dreams kept me alive. I still have not been to Africa and I am 42. I was going through divorce when I was really low and feeling sorry for myself and a friend gave me "Left To Tell". You changed my life. This retreat was more about moving forward despite my fears. I have many fears that ruled my life for many years. It is time to stop this. I battle with self hatred and it is time to stop. I am a woman, an artist, a friend, a daughter and God's child. Please that I may no longer let my fears control me. God bless you, I pray to see you in heaven. If you ever need an artist, may you remember me. J.F."

"This had been an absolutely positive experience. Awe inspiring faith renewing retreat. The pricing is just right and enables everyone to be able to attend."

"You have been such a blessing to me. Last year I read your book and every night I thanked God for you and the blessings of forgiveness you share and love you share. I love and I think you share beautifully the message of the Holy Spirit. You are exactly what I needed.  Your rosary was absolutely beautiful and the flowers and Valentine. What an amazing graces we shared! Thank you so much. A.” 

"I have been truly fed by the retreat. I really needed it. I do so much for others and this was my time to b uplifted by the Holy Spirit."

"Our family lost our 23 yr old son to suicide in 2005. We have lived in grief over the years. I have learned God's so merciful and loving much more than I have ever knew before. This retreat has deepened my love and hope for Jesus and His Blessed mother. Immaculee and other speakers have bathed me with this hope and love too. Thank you very much. Ps: Please include our youngest son in your prayers. He is struggling to accept his brother's death. He is turning his anger inward."

"What touched me in this retreat was mostly the genuineness of Immaculee. I now know Our Lady and my God loves me. I drove 8 hours to get here and it was worth it." 

"I was touched by forgiveness and hope"

"When I think of how hard it is to forgive people who have hurt me, and listening to Kevin's talk, I think now I can put things in perspective and treat them well now."

"I have been searching for hope and affirmation in my life and my strongest to find a way to express my minor self through some type of career. I am a single mother of three teenagers. I need to be successful financially and emotionally and spiritually for them myself. This retreat gave me the wisdom and peace and the courage to pray from the heart to ask for what I want, to persevere without doubts. To act as if it were impossible to fail." 

"Immaculee, you inspired me to love with more purity. Your witness to Mary's presence brings me hope for my 13 years old daughter that received these blessings. Valentine was so profound. I have faith that my prayers during the flower presentation will be answered. I will let you know when they do.  Every speaker you had was great and inspiring. All my love."

"Thank you for this opportunity to share your faith, hope and love. Your stories strengthen my faith and encourage me to allow myself to grow in love for others. Thank you for sharing your friends and their experiences with us? Thank you for pointing the way to Our Lord trough Mary. God bless you in all you do."

"I have been on a great journey of healing and reading Left To Tell was a huge part. So when I saw Immaculee was coming, I had to come. I am very touched by her stories, I am truly encouraged to live the life God is calling me to. I have been struggling with infertility got 8 years. Through reading Left To Tell, and hearing Immaculee speak a few times, I have found a total peace with this. I know I will get pregnant or adopt if it's His Will. And I am okay with whatever He wants." 

"This retreat has been amazing. Through this retreat, God has clarified so many things He has been trying to teach me, show me about who He really is. How He feels about me. Thank you for the gifts you have shared."

"Immaculee, I am so glad I could come and see you speak it was inspirational. I am the same age as your daughter (13yrs). You are very pretty by the way."

"When we all came forward to place our flowers by Mary, I experienced one of the most spiritual moments of my life. I will be forever grateful that I had the opportunity to attend thai retreat. I will pray for Immaculee and Valentine, as well as the many people that offer assistance to them." Bart Parker, Colorado

"The procession of Roses to Our Mother made me feel closer to her than I have ever felt. Thank you. The Seven Sorrows Rosary is beautiful. I will say it with reverence. Thank you for that."

"This has certainly been more than s retreat. So special, one of a kind moments. So powerful, you are a gift , a grace sent by God." 

“I am 17 years old and a senior in my school. I just found out I am pregnant. I have been having a somewhat difficult time realizing and accepting this. Your story and your joy, love, inspiration and compassion and everything have given me so much hope inside and give me a new positive attitude towards this pregnancy that everything will work out. Being a teenager, I also have been not strong in my faith. I have been looking for a different religion which I felt may suit me better. Now I am rethinking, but this retreat made a huge impact on my faith and secured my catholic faith. You are incredible inspiration. I feel so blessed to have been able to hear you speak first hand. I wish you all the happiness in your life for the remain of your life." 


"As a mother this has been life changing. I walk away with the feeling that there is nothing, no problem too big to give to God. You have changed my life Immaculee."