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Donate to Charity by Immaculee Ilibagiza


Dear Friends,

I was recently blessed to visit a school that I knew of and loved its history, but I had never been inside. I was excited to have a chance to our the school, but the visit left me sad and crying. I knew this school was poor but I didn't know to what extent. The school does not have the means to meet even the most basic needs for its children. Before I left, I promised to help. However I knew the need was greater than my capacity, but I also knew that there was a lot good people like you in the world who can help. I decided, then and there, to be their advocate.

It is in that spirit that I come to you, asking you to kindly help me raise funds to support the "Mere Du Verb High School" in Kibeho. It is located right next to the holy shrine of Our Lady of Kibeho, the very place where the three Kibeho visionaries experienced the apparitions of the Mother of God so many years ago. While much attention has focused on the visions themselves, the school itself has been utterly neglected.

Today, some 640 of Rwanda's poorest children are studying in the most abject poverty. The school lacks the funds for adequate nutrition, clean water, basic healthcare, textbooks, even pillows. In an area where fewer than 20% of the population completes secondary school, the Sisters of Benebikira who run this school are struggling to keep the doors of Mere Du Verbe open. I know from experience that completing high school is vital to breaking the cycle of poverty.

With your help, we will help the Sisters rebuild this school. Our goal is to build a proper kitchen that serves diary, fruit and meat, to add clean water stations, an infirmary, plumbing, electricity, and to provide current textbooks and computers to deliver a curriculum to enable these children to achieve their true potential. We will also increase enrollment to serve more children in this vastly underserved region.

Here are some of need of the school, which currently houses approximately 650 children.

With your help, we estimate the school will be able to provide educational opportunities in a safe clean environment for up to 1000 underserved children! 

To Donate on line, click on the button below or you can  donate easy on  Go Fund Me and look for  Our Lady of Kibeho School. If you want to write a check, write to "Servants of Our Lady of Kibeho" and mail to:

Servants of Our Lady of Kibeho
Weible Columns
PO Box 10
Hiawassee, GA 30546

All donations are tax-deductible. God bless you, Immaculee


Immaculee-a-Kibeho-mass-with-the-students Kids-eating-donuts-in-kibeho School-of-the-mother-of-the-word Immaculee-at-Kibeho-school-kitchen

PS: If you have any questions about the school or how your can help, please send us a message at the form below or at or call (706) 994-4578. We will respond as soon as possible.