The Story of Jesus and Mary: A Prophecy Fulfilled - By Immaculee

I am so excited to introduce to you my new book "The Story of Jesus and Mary in Kibeho: A Prophecy Fulfilled".  I have been waiting to finish and publish this book for a long time. In it I share a story that inspires my heart so much. I thank God forever for allowing this book to exist and I entrust him in its future as well the futures of those who will read it! 

The book is about the Story of Jesus and Mary's visits in Kibeho since November 28, 1981, in pictures (drawings). Like Fatima and Lourdes, this apparition have been approved by the Catholic Church, which made it the only approved apparition of the Apparition of Mary on the Continent of Africa. We are very proud and it is a beautiful story. 

The story is told in drawings and words about the story, exactly as it happened the time of the apparitions. The buildings, the uniform of the kids, the people in the village, the nuns and their habits, the mountains etc. For those who know Rwanda, you will feel nostalgic for the beautiful country, for those who have not been there, you will see its beauty, but most importantly, I hope you read and listen to the much needed messages of Our Lady and Jesus. The message of Kibeho was not for Rwanda alone, or for Africa alone, it was and is still for the whole world.

I gave the subtitle a name of "A Prophecy Fulfilled" because Jesus and Mary have actually predicted the genocide in 1994 that left more than a million people dead. Mary sent messages to people, to the government and church leaders to instruct them how to end the ethnic hatred simmering in their country. She warned them that Rwanda would become “a river of blood”, a land of unspeakable carnage, if the hatred of the people was not quickly quelled by love, if people did not come back to God with all their hearts. Some leaders listened, but very few believed. 

I have been personally affected by the prophecy of Mary and Jesus, I lost most of my family during the genocide of 1994 and I also know, if our people, our country have listened to Mary and Jesus, we could have avoided it, just with a change of heart and sincere prayers. My greatest wish is to serve Jesus and Mary and help them reach the world with their important messages. They love us and want our joy. They want to protect us. 

Those who read the story have loved it, and I hope you love it too. 

God bless you,