Get Us Out of Here!

"Get Us Out of Here!" by Nicky Eltz features Maria Simma speaking about Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. In the interviews with seer Maria Simma who was privileged to be visited by the Souls of Purgatory, you will learn what makes people go to Heaven or to Purgatory and to Hell, from the experiences of the souls of Purgatory. It is truly an amazing book!

A comment byFr. Slavko Barbaric, OFM 
"Dear reader, What you are now holding is a most interesting book. The world beyond is speaking. It is offering advice, asking for help, and giving answers. It exists and speaks about life - our life here and of possible consequences of our behavior. It tells us that it is not the same to be humble, loving, good, merciful, loyal and honest as it is to be proud, loveless, bad, merciless, betraying and dishonest. At death this is not forgotten but rather remembered in total clarity. Not only is the punishment, or better yet the cleansing, spoken about; but also the length of this cleansing and so very much more!! ...all personal doubts disappeared once I too had met and spoken with Maria Simma. She is true..." 

More Reviews:
"This book is amazing. I started reading this book out of curiosity; to find answers to common questions about "the other side." After a few pages, this book satisfied more than just my curiosity, it was a spiritual enrichment I was looking for. I was unable to put it down. I've bought this book for several people, and everyone who read it is amazed. Plus, this book contains the 12-year prayers that St. Brigitte of Sweden received, which contain so many graces." Voytex

"Excellent and theologically informing documented book. The humble pictures of Maria Simms lends upmost credibility to her stories. How many of us really take seriously Purgatory? How many of us ever get to actually speak to suffering souls on the "other side?" Here is one who did, did not necessarily want to, but was asked to by God and she said "yes," and did so until her death. Upon reading this book, it could only make one want to try harder to cooperate with God's holy will so as to get to Heaven and possibly sidestep Purgatory. God is Mercifull!" Melani Cruz