10 Seven Sorrows Rosary Booklets with Immaculee

10 Seven Sorrows Rosary Prayer Booklets offered at our Wholesale rate. 
Immaculee invites you to pray the rosary of the Seven Sorrows given by Our Lady to the visionary, Marie Claire. Included in this prayer booklet, are the prayers given by the "Mother of the Word" on each Sorrow accompanied by Immaculee's reflections on each Mystery. Our Blessed Mother is asking for this prayer, which has been in the Church since the 13th century, to be prayed once again by the faithful. Our Lady of Kibeho stated, "If you say the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows and meditate on it well, you will find the strength you need to repent of your sins and convert your heart. Pray my Seven Sorrows to find repentance." She also promised, many prayers will find answers through this rosary, especially those said to be impossible cases. God bless you.