Virtual Pilgrimage to Kibeho, Rwanda with Immaculee on August 9-17, 2020


Virtual August 2020 Pilgrimage with Immaculee in Rwanda

I am going to do my very first virtual pilgrimage. Every day I will share at least 2-3 hours of the pilgrimage with you, you can watch when you want. I will include: 
  • I will travel to Rwanda and be there in person and you will be there virtually. I will show you places we have visited for the day, visiting Rwanda.
  • I will share interviews with visionaries and local people. I will pray with you and I will send you signed copies of "Our Lady of Kibeho" and "The Boy Who Met Jesus".
  • I will pray with you but also I will send you spiritual exercises daily so you are on a pilgrimage with me. 
  • Later I will send you the DVDs of those days for you to keep and a t-shirt to remember our first Virtual Pilgrimage to Rwanda/Kibeho.

God bless you and I hope you join us in this spiritual pilgrimage suited for our time. 


PS: I will be sending you links that will only for those who are signing up and they will be removed when I send you the DVDs. 

For more information, send an email or contact: David at or 920-246-0102. Thank you and God bless.