Struck by Lightning, Testimony of Mrs. Dr. Gloria Polo Ortiz MP3 Download

Struck by Lightning, Testimony of Mrs. Dr. Gloria Polo Ortiz. MP3 Download by Mary Our Mother Foundation.

This incredible testimony is one everyone needs to hear! Jesus told her, “you must give your testimony, not just a thousand times, but a thousand times a thousand.”In answer to that call Dr. Polo, from Bogota, Columbia, now travels the world over giving her compelling witness. Although raised in the Catholic faith, as a young adult she fell away and became involved in many things contrary to the faith. After being struck by lightning her soul left her body and she went to the precipice of Hell. She experienced God’s judgment and mercy. Listen to the insights God has given her on sin, confession, Mass, God’s gift of life, the enemy, and God’s desire to be with you for all eternity. A special pro-life song that was performed at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC is also included. This testimony of Dr. Polo will change your life!

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