Sterling Silver 7 Sorrows Rosary Necklace Turquoise 6mm Seven Large Large 7 Sorrows Medal Set

This is beautiful hand crafted Sterling Silver 7 Sorrows Rosary, it's made with Sterling Silver heavy gauge wire (very resistant), Large Sterling Silver 7 Sorrows Medals Set, Silver Beads and 6 millimiters round shape South African Turquoise Semi-Precious stone beads. Approximate Length: 26" inches. You could wear and pray on this delicate Handcrafted 7 Sorrows Rosary or you could just use it for praying. It will come with a "7 Sorrows Rosary" Prayer Booklet as well. This Rosary was taught by Virgin Mary in Kibeho, Rwanda (Africa) in 1981, until 1989 to Visionary Marie Claire.

  • Hand Craftly made with Sterling Silver wire, very resistant to the wear and tear.
  • Antique finished Sterling Silver Seven Sorrows Medal Set, total of 8 medals
  • All our stone suppliers certify that to their best knowledge their stones, Pearls and Coral are not conflict ones.
  • You could wear it and pray or you could just use it for praying with out wearing it.