Leonard's Legacy (My Father), Pure Rwandan Coffee

This is Pure Rwandan Coffee, Medium Dark Roast. It is most known for its special, rare and great taste and its amazing AROMA. Organic in its purest form. 100% Arabica Coffee, net content 8 oz. (226g).

This work is inspired by my father Leonard and my mom Rose. They were both Rwandans, born in 1940; they lived in a simple, beautiful village called Mataba. They were both the first to go to school in their villages and families and became teachers. Their teaching work did not stop in the classrooms; it extended in their community. In1970’s, they founded a Coffee Project, where they invited neighbors to plant coffee, work together and sell together.

The coffee became a huge blessing in the whole village, it changed lives, it provided jobs, sent kids to school, and new homes were built. In 1979, my father was recognized by an international organization from Switzerland that was conducting a study in Rwanda. He was among the 2 people chosen to have had the most positive impact on their community in the country. Though it was my dad’s idea to form the company, the hero behind it was my mom Rose, who managed the workers, counseled their families, and provided them with her motherly love and wisdom.

They were both killed during the genocide against Tutsi tribe in 1994. More than ever however, their spirits still live through their work and through the book "Left To Tell". This coffee is dedicated to my parents. A % of profit of every bag of the coffee sold, will help to send a kid to school and help a poor family in need. We pray that this coffee will bless you and your loved ones, as it has blessed many. 

God bless you,