A Virtual Pilgrimage to Garabandal, Spain with Immaculee April 25-May 3, 2021

Among many apparitions I have followed and I love, Garabandal in Spain, is one of them that have touched my heart. It became even more interesting during this time of Coronavirus that affected the whole world. In Garabandal Our Lady predicted 3 important events that will affect the whole world. The Warning, the Miracle and the Punishment (subject to change depending on how we behave). These events will affect the whole world, the kids who saw Her know the dates of these events, but they can't say it until the time She told them to say. I have never been in Garabandal, but I have been studying this apparition for past few months, trying to put together a Virtual Pilgrimage and share with you what I know. So I would like to invite you to join me on a Virtual Pilgrimage to Garabandalfrom 9 days, between April 25and May 3, 2021. I believe this experience will be spiritually very enriching, life changing. You will learn much more than if you were there. You will have more time to reflect on the messages, the apparitions and what it all means to you, to us now. Please join me and discover Garabandal with me.  

- Every day I will be sending you a PRIVATE LINK of a video of what I will be preparing for you to us to talk about and reflect on.
- I will be sharing with you different testimonies
- Interviews with the visionaries
-I will share reflections on messages while praying with you daily. Our Lady comes to teach and to warn, every single message She gives is important for us.  
I see this as a retreat, a pilgrimage on Garabandal for 9 days. 

The package will include
- The videos of 1 hour to 2 hours daily, of talks, tours and meditations and prayer
- My favorite book on Garabandal by Fr. Jose Luis Saavedra  
- I will send a rosary beads and a bracelet of St. Benedict to you  

God bless you and I hope you join me and tell friends.

For questions, please send us an email at annette@immaculee.com or call at 4027500961 or send us an email at alphonsine@immaculee.com