Rise Up All People CD Audio by Annie Karto

"Rise Up All People" is a cd with the theme of prayer woven throughout. The title song is a cry for people of faith to come together to pray and defend our God given rights and freedoms. Talented, dynamic back up singers from N.Y. City, give the song dramatic vocals throughout. "I Can Still Pray" is song all mothers should enjoy. This song recalls watching a child grow up and realizing that all a parent can ultimately do once they leave home is to pray. The song, "Gusenga" which means "pray" in Kirwandan, was the last cry of young Fidel, nine years old, who was killed in the Rwandan genocide in 1994. His cry is still relevant today as we seek to end hatred and violence in our world. Rise Up All People is Annie Karto’s 5th cd, and some say her best work yet.