The Stations of the Cross Book by Immaculee

The Stations of the Cross book is divided into three sections as to incorporate three languages.  English, Spanish and Kinyarwanda the native language of Rwanda. 

Anytime I pray the Stations of the Cross, I am inspired to be a better person.  They remind me how loved I am that Jesus was willing to sacrifice His life for me, and you!  I hope you feel the same. 

Within the Stations of the Cross, their are many lessons, Our Lord teaches us how to suffer well, how Loved we are and how to Love. Through His wounds, ours are healed. Somehow through meditating on His suffering, I always find comfort and consolation in my own suffering. 

I hope that as you pray to these stations, you feel inspired to pray them often, if not everyday, at least every Friday, the day of Our Lord's passion. Pray for yourself, your family and friends and pray for the Church and your Country. You will be blessed immeasurably. 

God bless you,