10 Rosary of the 7 Sorrows Job Tears Seeds (From Natural Flower from Rwanda)

These Rosaries of the 7 Sorrows Sorrows are made in Rwanda using the seeds from the flower Tears of Job. The seeds of the rosary are strung with cord.   

The 7 Sorrows Rosary dates back to the 13th century but was reintroduced to the world by Our Lady of Kibeho through visionary Marie Claire. Our Lady told her that many had forgotten about it. She told her, more than ever the world needed to pray the 7 Sorrows Rosary. She also promised that those who say it from the heart, will experience visible help from Heaven. We have seen miracles from those who have a devotion to this rosary. Most of the miracles we have seen, are especially those who healed addiction, those who have been trying to get pregnant and couldn't and those who were sick and were healed miraculously. I strongly recommend this beautiful prayer. Mary said that she will hear parents praying for their children in a special way.

Included with the Rosary is a prayer card listing the promises associated with this rosary. 
Our Lady recommended that this rosary be prayed everyday but if you can't, at least to make sure to pray it on Tuesdays (the day Our Lady reintroduced it to Marie Claire for the first time) and Fridays (The day of Our Lord's death).

Because they are made from a natural seed, there are variations in size and coloring.