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What a Day!

What a day I am having! It has been so hectic and busy I haven’t had a minute to pause and take it all in—but it has been such a special and wonderful day that I couldn’t let it slip away without sharing my big news with you . . . Guess what, dear friends . . . today I became an American Citizen!



19 Years Later – The Secret of Peace!

Whenever I look at the morning paper or turn on the news and see a horrific story like what has happened in Boston, I can’t help but reflect on where we go wrong and why we always seem to mess up our world's peace! It is hard for me to understand because, personally, I don’t think it is that difficult for us to love each other.


Are You Thinking of Going to Belgium and/or Lourdes With Me?

Many of you know that OurLady is still appearing in Belgium to one of the original Kibeho Visionaries, Valentine Nyiramukiza, every MAY 15th! It is a Heavenly experience in the true sense of the phrase! Every year I take a group of about 50 people!


Upcoming Retreats

Amazing Story of Forgiveness

I woke up this morning with an urgent desire to share a very important message with you that comes from the bottom of my heart. That message is Thank you!